Common landscaping tools and maintenance rules

Source: Jinhua Lvchuan Technology Co., Ltd. Release time: 2019-08-16

1.Hedge machine: hand-held wood cutting machine powered by gasoline engine and saw chain as cutting parts. It is widely used in forestry production for felling, branching and timber making. At present, most of them are used for gardening, shaping, branching, pruning, etc.

Hedge machine repair and maintenance.

① Check the machine fully before use to ensure that the machine is good before use, and ensure that the fuel preparation ratio is correct.

②The machine head and chain, blade regularly lubricated.

③If the machine is not used for a long time, it should be started once a week for 15 minutes each time.

④60 minutes of continuous use in the machine should be stopped for 10 minutes.

⑤ Machine engine maintenance quality standards according to the gasoline engine for maintenance.

⑥ every 70 hours of machine work should be removed from the scissors to polish once or replace the blades.

2. lawn mower: is a mechanical tool for mowing lawn, vegetation, etc. It is composed of a knife plate, engine, walking wheel, walking mechanism, blades, handrails, control parts. Knife plate is mounted on the walking wheel, the knife plate is equipped with an engine, the output shaft of the engine is equipped with blades, blades using the engine's high-speed rotation in terms of speed to improve a lot, saving the operating time of mowers and reducing a lot of human resources.

Mower maintenance

To ensure safety, be sure to remove the spark plug cap before performing any maintenance items. Regular inspection and adjustment of the lawn mower is very important. Regular maintenance can extend the maintenance time and machine life.

①Check the oil, air filter, and blade bolts before each use.

②Change the oil once every 1 month of use or 20 hours of work.

③ Every 3 months of use or 50 hours of work, clean or replace the air filter element.

④The machine should be stopped for 10 minutes after 60 minutes of continuous use.

⑤ Every 6 months of use or 100 hours of work, replace the oil; check, clean or adjust the spark plug; check and adjust the valve clearance.

⑥Replace the spark plug every 1 year or 300 hours of use; check and adjust the carburetor; check or adjust the idle speed; check the fuel tank and fuel filter.

⑦ Every two years of use, check or replace the fuel pipe.

3.chainsaw: mainly used for shrubs, flower clusters and other seedlings of the plastic, playing branches and other work, can also be used for smaller seedlings of cutting hood work. Lightweight equipment, easy to operate and maintain.

Chainsaw maintenance.

① oil tank sealing good oil path is smooth, the mixture of oil ratio is reasonable.

② once a month to overhaul the air filter, spark plugs, carburetor and other components to ensure no failure.

③ movement, combustion chamber cleaning once every six months, each spare parts once a month to ensure that in normal condition.

④Point hunger check: check once before each use to ensure that the line is intact, energized, after-load normal, and the high-voltage coil is not aging.

⑤ Tool maintenance: cutting tool edge should be kept sharp, no rust, dull tools are polished in time, lubricated after polishing, no defects in the outer line.

⑥Machine body maintenance: the surface of the machine body should be rich in luster and no mechanical damage, rusty places should be painted after rust removal.